Uncle Waffles has brought confusion to her fans as she claimed that she is bisexual.Few months back, the star addressed transgender rumours after it was stated that she might not be a woman from birth.

Watch I am bis.e.xual and am in a heteros.e.xual relationship – Uncle Waffles confuses fans

It all began when Uncle Waffles posed with hergay friends and dancers and it immediately caused stirs on Facebook.

She addressed saying: “Y’all are too used to public figures having to keep quiet and be bigger person, and that being considered some sort of ‘maturity’ and that’s made people on social media get away with being shit individuals.
Well, in a live video, she has made it clear that she is bisexual and also in a heterosexual relationship.

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Uncle Wfalles said: “I am bisexual and am in a heterosexual relationship”

Watch video below:



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