Watch: SA man involved in an accident while trying to kidnap 2 magoshas after sweet tlof tlof. There is a video making rounds on social media of 2 ladies who are magoshas, who got out of a car that overturned while the driver who is a client tried to kidnap them. They claim after the session, he didn’t want to pay, and instead, tried kidnapping them.

Watch: SA man involved in an accident while trying to kidnap 2 magoshas after sweet tlof tlof

Of late, it seems the night ladies are going through the most with their clients who refuse to pay them after tlof tlof. One furious woman has come out guns blazing over the crook men.

All they want is to put food on the table for their families.But the magoshas are tired of being tricked by their clients.

Some of their clients run away after tlof tlof without paying, while others threaten to beat them when they demand their money.

“We don’t know if this unemployment mess is affecting our clients as well. But why come to us if you don’t have money?” said one of the magoshas.

The magoshas who operate in a shack at the squatter camp, told Daily Sun challenges brought them to this kind of work.

A 38-year-old woman told the People’s Paper that hardship and losing a job at a tavern left her with no choice but to join sex work to make a living.

She said she became a magosha in January.

“This is not better. If we had jobs we would not do this work.

“I work one shift and it’s not enough. But we have to make way for our sisters to make a living as well,” she said.

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The woman said some clients understand that they were doing this kind of work to take care of their families, but others regarded them as rubbish.

Watch the video below:

“This job is hard and it takes away our dignity as people don’t accept and respect us.

“Some clients are happy after being serviced and pay without a problem. But others flee with our cash. We are abused as sex workers, especially by men who are our clients,” she said.

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