WATCH: Sbahle Mpisane Admits She Lied About Amnesia. Two years ago, Sbahle Mpisane made people believe that her relationship with Bafana Bafana goalie, Itumeleng Khune, ended because she could not remember who he was. This was months after her horrific car accident, which she only gained the courage to open up about it, just recently.

[WATCH]: Sbahle Mpisane Admits She Lied About Amnesia

Opening up about Khune for the first time, Sbahle said at the time she could not remember who he was and how they started dating. This was because she apparently suffered amnesia after the car accident.

She still could not remember who he was despite him visiting her at the hospital numerous times.

“He became very supportive during my hospital stay as he would call me every day. It then came to a point where I took the decision to let him go and date someone else in peace,” she said at the time.

But in a recent Instagram live session, the fitness bunny finally came clean. Sbahle Mpisane said she had to cook up a lie to get people off her back regarding her relationship with Khune. This was apparently because people kept on asking her about the relationship instead of her wellbeing.

“After the accident, I didn’t try to fix anything with Khune,” she explained.

She then said, “I only said that, because you wanted answers, imagine…I was going through a very fragile state and I felt like that was not something to focus on, or for y’all to be bombarding me with,” she clarified

“So I just said, I have amnesia I don’t remember him, but obviously I do remember him. I spoke to him every day whilst in hospital. He would come to visit me a lot. We were cool and everything,” she added.

“So in relation to people saying ‘she remembers everything but she doesn’t remember Khune’, I was just fooling y’all.”

Khune is now happily married to the mother of his two kids Layla Mak and they recently had their traditional wedding.

Sbahle recently opened up about that tragic night and how 80% of her bones were broken. She had a sit-down interview with Owamie on YouTube but before that she spoke briefly about what happened.

“During my car accident, 80% of my bones were broken. I was like a toasted slice of bread that was crumpled up! I’m grateful to my doctors for managing to put all the pieces back together (wish I could name them all).

She then graphically explained how her body was badly injured, “In all honesty, my eyes were hanging out, my nose was completely broken, my brain was visible on view (that damage resulted in amnesia), my arms were broken including my beautiful hands, my left knee, ankle plus toes were broken and my right foot was badly broken from my hip, thigh, knee, foot, toe BUT my ankle bone was completely discharged out of my foot at scene 18/08/2018.”


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She explained that her hip was going to be removed because of the damage, “My right foot was going to be removed from hip —> but I will post more videos on my YouTube to explain why they had to try by all means to put it together. I will speak about my recovery journey, depression phase & what I still need to face going forth. I know voicing myself out will help a few people (as I’ve personally helped a few since 2020 in worse situations).”

Sbahle concluded by saying he is permanently injured but is still living life, “My ankle bone which got discharged out of my foot during the accident, was plugged back into place in 2018 but in 2019 it became bloodless & Dr Seedat had to remove it. I had the fixation metals on me thereafter, & had to live with the thought of having no ankle bone (which wasn’t an easy journey & still isn’t) Therefore I am once again publicly stating – ,” she wrote.

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