WATCH: SK Khoza finally addresses his viral s.e.x video, Popular South African actor Sthembiso Khoza affectionately known as SK Khoza discussed his current career development, the leaked s.e.x tape that violated his privacy, and his outrageous videos that circulated on social media in the past few months.

WATCH: SK Khoza finally addresses his viral s.e.x video

In the interview with KZN’s biggest commercial radio station Gagasini FM, Khoza candidly spoke about his outrage, claimed to have been experiencing what could easily be described as a spiritual awakening, and further apologized to everyone who was subjected to his slurs and insults during the time of his psychotic break down caught on camera.

In April, a video of SK Khoza circulated the timelines where the actor is seen fuming and threatening a man while circling him. The video continued to raise concerns surrounding the state of his mental well-being and his fans and supporters have since been expressing their concern about his well-being on social media while some trolls called him crazy.

Speaking to radio broadcasters Felix Hlope and Njabs Zwane of Gagasini FM, SK Khoza began the conversation by thanking God and his family and reflected on how his media and entertainment career started. The actor confidently spoke about his journey as an interviewer, becoming Mzansi’s sexiest hunk, and also about his baby mama Gogo Maweni being a “clout chaser.”

As for the s.e.x tape, SK chose not to discuss it deeply and emphasized that it happened in private and that he chooses to maintain his privacy, especially regarding things that happen in the bedroom. “We need to learn to respect people’s private lives,” said SK.

He also brought the conversation around his outrage before the show presenter could even touch base on it, proving to take responsibility for his past actions. He told the listeners that he has no memory recollection of any of what transpired during that time, from both in the morning of, noon and evening that day. “That was sad for me because it is like looking back at yourself and not recognising who you are.” He continued to say, “It breaks my heart, and I just love that I did not touch anybody or hurt anybody.”


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He further apologized sincerely to everyone who interacted with him that day, and everyone who found themselves at the receiving end of his slurs and insults. “I need you guys to understand that I, myself do not remember anything from that day. So to the management of that resort, the guy at Spar and to the people at the garage and to any person I swore at or was rude to … ngiyaxolisa,” said SK.

SK also told the Gagasini FM team and listeners that he is embarking on a spiritual journey that he chooses to not speak about in honour and respect of his ancestors and God. He also touched on mental health – he mentioned that during his character on the Queen he had been experiencing challenging mental wellness and having sleepless nights, he also advised South African men to take care of their mental health.

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