Zodwa WaBantu gets new bae. Girl does not waste any time!! The exotic dancer has been getting a lot of airtime during the lockdwon and it seems she has gotten over the Vusi drama and has already snatched herself a new squeeze.

Zodwa WaBantu Gets New Bae - Video

Socialite Zodwa Wabantu is living her best life and she does not shy away from giving us a glimpse into her whirlwind experiences.The dancer who is currently in Johannesburg, posted a video on Instagram sharing how hectic things are that her boyfriend even drives her around, because she does not have a car in Johannesburg.

Zodwa said she was waiting for her bae who was in a meeting and said that reminds her of the time when she used to be promiscuous and get driven by men while she was on the left seat.

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Zodwa said she is proud of the fact that she is now able to drive.

Zodwa Wanatu gets new bae. As os today, she is unwilling to reveal the identity of the dude who stole her heart. “but check his identity on one of the photos I have posted on my Instagram accounts”, she said.

“I haven’t given up on love. I still love hard. Even if my relationship lasted a few months, I would still fall in love hard again”, she said.

Taking to Twitter to respond to her claims from a new, Vusi said that Zodwa was going through a lot and needed help. He also said that he was not hiding from her.

“Please note that Zodwa is going through a lot, I remain committed to helping her heal, as a friend. I have never used my twitter account prior to this, decided to do so to encourage everyone to send love, compassion and light to Zodwa”, he said in one tweet.

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