Zodwa Wabantu Invades Vusi’s House To Fight His New Girlfriend. Zodwa Wabantu has been posting images and videos on her Instagram account shaming her ex Ben 10 boyfriend Vusi Buthelezi.

Zodwa Wabantu Invades Vusi's House To Fight His New Girlfriend - Video

The two broke up in May and they never gave reasons for their break-up. Zodwa is now accusing him of orchestrating the robbery that happened at her house.
She also said he was a fraudster. All this is coming out after Vusi has posted videos and images of himself and his girlfriend having a good time.

In the latest video posted by Zodwa, she was at Vusi’s house. In the video she could be seen man-handling Vusi’s girlfriend as she grabbed her by the collar.

She could be heard swearing at Vusi who was not at the scene and to the girlfriend aswell. The dancer wanted to beat up Vusi’s girlfriend but she called herself to order as she feared the police.

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The video was captioned, “I’m at Vusi’s House I find this b_itch they made the video together sebenza Mali yam uzony_a.”



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