Zola Nombona leaves Generations. The latest celebrity to leave Generations is Zola Nombona.

Zola Nombona leaves Generations

The actress who plays Pamela Khoza has stepped down from the longest-running SABC 1 series.

In May 2021, Zola joined the cast of Generations The Legacy to play an investigative journalist married to Siyanda Khoza, a role previously played by Kay Sibiya.

After an exodus of cast members, including Zoe Mthiyane, Zola joined Generations The Legacy; she was tipped to replace her shoes in a different capacity. Tshidi Moroka lured Pamela into #Ezweni to carry out her devious plot.

She has indeed departed the show, and many of her admirers are disappointed.

Zola officially launched her lingerie business in April

Taking to Instagram, Zola revealed her excitement to have her dreams come to pass after so many hardwork, falling, getting up, fighting and perseverance.

She said she is happy to launch her lingerie business for different bodies and sizes

“Ndinyembezana looking at this picture as it means so much to me. It’s a physical manifestation of my dreams, hard work, falling, getting up, fighting and perseverance. This is LOVE. Today I am happy. I can finally introduce you guys to this dream of mine that I have worked so hard to make a reality.We’re a movement that celebrates bodies in all shapes and sizes while prioritising good quality, great functionality and comfort. Please follow @lxvelove_ ♥️ and spread some LOVE. Your support will be highly appreciated ♥️Get ready to shop with us 💃🏿🎊 Tomorrow at 8am we launch our website and go live with @lxvelove_ sales.”


Thomas Gumede and Zola Nombona were overjoyed to be celebrating their son’s second birthday which was in may.

The couple welcomed their first child in 2020, and they just celebrated their first birthday last year.

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Thomas Gumede took to Instagram to disclose his son’s favorite song and express gratitude for the opportunity to watch him develop.

“His favorite song is khuza gogo. He walks, he thinks he talks, he laughs and dances all day! He claps his hands and can say mama and baba (sometimes papa coz our wonderful nanny speaks Sesotho). He is my pride and joy. He makes me believe I can and must overcome every problem. He is my strength, and today he is 1 year old. Only God knows how long we have on this planet and I thank HIM every day that I get to witness my son grow! Happy birthday mfana wami, ubaba ukuthanda ngendlela emangalisayo!!”

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