17-year-old Kimberley girl, Thuto Moitsi beaten to death by father of a schoolmate in a heartbreaking video!

17-year-old Thuto Moitsi beaten to death by father of a schoolmate

#JusticeforThuto, 17-year-old Thuto Moitsi known as Pikachu form Kimberley was murdered by the father of a fellow school mate the gruesome video emerges. Thuto Angela Moitsi succumbed to head injuries sustained in the beatings from the father who was revenging for his son who had lost a fight against Thuto.

It is alleged that Thuto engaged in a fight after making fun of a gay fellow school mate, the two exchanged blows and the boy was defeated and returned with his father for revenge.

The video emerges where Thuto Moitsi was heavily beaten by a grown man with his son, during the fight, she fell with her head and died a few days later due to head injury complications.

Thuto Angela Moitsi’s friends described Pikachu as a beautiful, fierce soul, who had dreams of becoming a doctor.

Our friend was bright in school, she took her academics seriously she was a loving person who had brighter dreams, she was looking forward to so much, but her life was cut short because of kids misunderstandings, we were supposed to be corrected as kids, death is not a punishment, she needs justice for this, Justice for Thuto.

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Thuto’s death comes at a moment where South Africa is facing a Gender-Based Violence pandemic, where women and young girls are being murdered by each day. Social Media users have started #JusticeforThuto in a bid to put pressure on the authorities to make sure justice has been served.

South Africans react to Thuto Moitsi’s death

“Rest in peace baba, maar your death will be replaced soon😠😠💔💔😔😔 as Tetlanyo high we are going to take action against wat happened to your innocent soul, farewell Nana.”

“We really need to take a stand ✊‘ We need to fight many voices can bring change ‘ Let your voice Cry loud enough it’s enough 😭😭 They are not just killing us ‘ They are destroying our future #JusticeforThuto”

“This should be a lesson for parents to raise their children better what this man was totally unconstitutional and out of line! But as parents we need to start creating a world where all children are safe we should start teaching children acceptance and love, stop breeding hate into your children one eye, disabled, gay, fat, lesbian we all need to start loving each other, this man was also over the fact that his child was being bullied for who he is in and around the community, this man also didn’t choose to give birth to a gay boy.”

*News365.co.za cannot share the video due to its gruesome nature

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