Hiv have been living with us for such a long time now and our scientist are working hard to find cure or something to suppress this virus, since covid 19 started, hiv positive patients were scared that they will get virus easily because of their status that’s why some of hiv positive patients were scared to fetch their meds to health facilities.Good News For HIV Positive Patients

Good News For HIV Positive Patients

I will say congratulations to our scientist as they discover that patients living with HIV will soon change to taking one injection in eight weeks, it looks like the cure is near we just need to be patient. Exciting news is that Wits University and hiv Prevention trials network has discover an injection that you will take in eight weeks than pill everyday this finding were released Tuesday 10th November.

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This trial will roll out from next year according to Graeme Raubenheimer. Atleast so far they are not concentrating in one thing (covid vaccine) they also paying attention to other diseases.

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