A couple that got married recently looking so sad … looks like a divorce photoshoot.

A couple that got married recently looking so sad ... looks like a divorce photoshoot

Weddings are really beautiful as they signify a union of two people who have chosen to spend their lives together because of they love they share.

People are usually happy on their wedding days and they take beautiful looking pictures so as to keep the memories of the day alive.

There is a certain picture trending on social media of a couple on their wedding. The picture became a hot topic after people noticed how the couple looked so unhappy on their wedding day.

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Instead of them smilling and looking happy on their wedding they looked sad and rather tense. Their pictures made people believe that they could probably have been in an arranged wedding therefore causing them to look that miserable.“Happily never after. Were they forced into this. They both look miserable” commented one Twitter user.

Some people however argued that they were happy but the makeup didn’t do any justice to them so they ended up looking like they are unhappy.

Share your opinion as well and tell us what you think about this wedding.

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