Mohale Motaung was once married (debatable) to Somizi Mhlongo. Their relationship fell apart quickly and soon after, abuse allegations were floating around. It was clear that the relationship turned toxic and wasn’t fixable for both parties. However, Makhadzi has been put in the middle of the discourse.

Makhadzi Did Mohale Dirty

Mohale is an avid fan of Makhadzi. One need only browse through his timeline to find all his supportive and appreciative tweets about her. He has made it clear time and time again that Makhadzi is someone he values. But was it only one sided

Makhadzi is set to perform in her Limpopo in a one woman event. Which in theory sounds like a really good thing right? Wrong. The host of the show is none other…Somizi!!! It was devastating for those who realize how much of a shady move this is, on Somizi’s part and Makhadzi’s.

People took to Twiiter to share what they thought of the whole thing

One user wrote, “Makhadzi’s ONE WOMAN SHOW, will be hosted by Somizi???? Hayi Makhadzi has no shame.”

While another user wrote, “Makhadzi should be ashamed of herself. Why do this to Mohale? Now Somizi gets to host her One Woman Show, after everything they said he did to Mohale? The same Mohale who is always hyping and supporting Makhadzi 😩. Being a media darling in this country is a blessing shem.”

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One user simply wrote, “Can’t believe Makhadzi”

A final user wrote, “I feel like Makhadzi knows that Mohale is one of her biggest fans for her to pull such a move 🙄 But alas”

Now I can understand making moves that will assure attendance to ones shows. However, Makhadzi is a powerhouse and needs no ones help to make people turn up for her. She is South Africa’s darling. This move feels unnecessarily shady to me and for that, I have to say I agree.

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