A look into Zola 7’s accident and financial woes. Bonginkosi Dlamini, who is popularly known by his stage name- Zola 7 is one of the best Kwaito artists to ever live.

A look into Zola 7’s accident and financial woes

He has been in the industry since the early 2000s and has been able to conquer the entertainment industry with his talent as a musician, television presenter, actor, writer, and poet.

The past few years have not been very kind to Zola 7 but he already accepted help and he is on the path to getting his life back on track.

Here are all the details about Zola 7’s accident that almost claimed his life, his financial woes and his latest controversy.

In January 2021, Zola 7 got involved in a grizzly car accident while driving in Meadowlands, Soweto, but he luckily escaped with his life.

According to reports, Zola 7 lost control of his car and crashed into a spaza shop in Meadowlands, Soweto, pulling out all the concrete tables and chairs, leaving the Kwaito star with neck and back injuries.

Although there were initial speculations that Zola 7 had been drunk driving when the accident happened, a later report revealed that he had suffered from an epileptic seizure and had lost control of his car.

Speaking after Zola 7’s accident, the spaza shop owners Tsholofelo Mpanzi and Busisiwe Tsitsi revealed to the press that they were watching TV when they heard a loud bang. When they went out to check what happened they were shocked to see the TV star.

Zola 7 told them that he had suffered some fits when he was driving and that’s how he crashed into their shop, he also complained of neck and back pains.

The shop owners called for an ambulance to get Dlamini medical help. They however later complained that Zola 7 had failed to honour their agreement to repair all the damages and they decided to go to the press to air their complaints.

Zola 7’s financial woes

Zola 7 has been making news lately because of his financial woes and although some members of the public have been quick to blame his lifestyle and his child support battles for his financial problems , Zola 7’s deteriorating health is also to blame for his diminishing pockets. He was diagnosed with epilepsy a few years ago.

In addition to his health problems, Zola 7 also revealed that in 2020 he spent about R 4.5 million to shoot season eight of his reality show- Zola 7 but the production company had failed to repay him.

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After Zola’s 7 financial problems went viral, his fans launched a fundraising campaign for the musician. Initially, Zola 7 who considers himself a proud Nguni man was hesitant to receive help but he later reconsidered and shared his banking details with well-wishers while expressing his gratitude for their support.

Zola 7 recent controversy

Alongside getting help from his fans who have watched him help other people through his reality show over the years, some prominent Mzansi celebrities also offered to help him out of his financial woes and one such people was Shauwn Mkhize and her son- Andile Mpisane who visited Zola 7 and offered to R1 million to Zola 7 through their Royal AM club.

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