Durban Gen actor Nyaniso Dzedze compares his abusive role Dr Dhlomo to his father who abused his mother.

Nyaniso Dzedze reveals how his father abus3d his mom

Fans of the medical drama were relieved when Dr Dhlomo got killed on Friday, 30 September episode by his wife Sne.


The former Generations actor Nyaniso Dzedze, whose character Dr Dhlomo was abusive towards his wife Sne (played by former Uzalo actress Nombulello Mhlongo) in Durban Gen said playing the character was his real-life experience as his father abused his mother growing up.

Dzedze revealed on his Instagram account he wanted to quit the role and called his agent crying:


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“I read the scenes and I realised that this was pretty much a reflection of what my mother went through with my dad. My dad was the Dr Dhlomo of my mom’s life,” said Dzedze.

“It was so difficult for me to face that part of my hurt, part of my own story that I hadn’t really told to myself.”

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