After paying Lobola for her, LOOK what she was seen doing after the ceremony. A man went to social media complaining about what he saw happening in his yard.

After paying Lobola for her, LOOK what she was seen doing after the ceremony

The man got a girlfriend at Gauteng and went with her at home. After he paid lot of money for Lobola, this is how her girlfriend was washing pots after the ceremony. These pictures left many people laughing at the strategy this women used.

She actually didn’t want to have water all over her. She decided to use the pipe to rinse the pots instead of using her hands. Most people love to excel when there are at the inlaws place. This young woman didn’t do all that she did what she thought was right.

Some people were actually supporting her idea especially when you are having long nails. It is hard to wash pots with long nails on your fingers. The husband should have told her the things that she is supposed to do. Because some people grew up in families where there were not doing anything.

Many people didn’t want to laugh at her but there were thinking how she will survive on fire. She is lucky that the family she got married too they actually use gas to cook food. There are families which use woods to make fire and that was going to be difficult for her.

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Other thing that caught people’s eyes is that she was wearing her husband’s shoes. Well that is kinda funny because it’s look like the lady didn’t have flat shoes to walk outside. She is used in to wearing hills all day but at home in rural areas they do not do that.

I specifically blame the man for not warning her about thr situation at home. She should have told her that she is not supposed to put long nails and to have flat shoes. All this drama was not going to happen if they communicated well.

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