Watch: Years of hard work wasted as Dr Malinga’s property is repossesed by the Sheriff.

Watch: Years of hard work wasted as Dr Malinga’s property is repossesed by the Sheriff

Dr Malinga has been trending after his property was repossessed by the Sheriff’s office after failing to pay his mortgage. Rumour mill has it that Dr Malinga’s house was left empty after the Sheriff took almost everything from household appliances to studio equipment. Years of hard work seem to have gone into the drain.

However, what’s so saddening is that everything will be put into the auction to recover the money the bubbly musician has failed to pay. In the mix of things, little is known about how much Malinga owes and what was the initial amount.

Watch the video of his property being repossessed below:

We can all agree that he is not the first A-list celeb to see his properties being repossessed after failing to pay mortgages. A year ago, King Monada saw his expensive BMW being repossessed after failing to settle the owing balance he had to the banks.

Dr Malinga’s house was left empty after Sherrif’s office repossess property
A few years ago, Khanyi Mbau hogged headlines when she saw her Porsche being repossesed after failing to pay what she owed to the bank. In the wake of the viral video, Dr Malinga has yet to shed more light on the incident that has seen him trending for the wrong reasons.


Born Goodwill Malinga, the award-winning South African house music artist and songwriter, is best known for his smash hits like ‘Via Orlando’, ‘Akulaleki’, ‘Ngikwenzeni’ and ‘Dhipiri’. No doubt he has rags to riches story to tell, from performing in taverns to becoming one of the big names in the music industry. He was born in Themba, Hamanskraal, South Africa, in 1980.

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His shot to stardom came from his participation in Cultural Calabash competitions. He went down in the history books of the drama series when he won three times in a row from 1999 to 2001. In the wake of his big wins, he went on to win the Voice of Choice competition and won a car. We can all agree this was the turning point of his career. In the mix of all these wins, he was then signed to Kalawa Jazmee. Since then, he has been spreading his wings, and e even founded his record label that has stood through the taste of time.

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