Are you bully!ng Makhadzi” Mzansi reacts to a man comparing Makhadzi to a Mogodu.

Are you bully!ng Makhadzi" Mzansi reacts to a man comparing Makhadzi to a Mogodu

Makhadzi is one of the best and the biggest artist in South Africa to be more precise she is one of the best ans biggest both men and women in the South African music industry.

Being the biggest artists comes with a lot to deal with and Makhadzi is no exception to that and as such she was once again put in the same picture with Mogodu.

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South Africans felt like putting her in the same frame with Mogodu was in a way bullying her and one prominent influencer even went on to say “Are you know bullying Makhadzi now” while the other user said “Something is telling me that according to you Makhadzi looks like Mogodu”.

It is best to note that some of the things posted on social media could convey a very wrong narrative.

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