Baby mama EXPOSES music producer, Mondli Ngcobo – WATCH. South African music producer Mondli Ngcobo has been lambasted on social media by his baby mother for being a deadbeat father. Taking to social media, Mandy Malebo has detailed the amount of great pain and suffering at the hands of Mondli Ngcobo.

Baby mama EXPOSES music producer, Mondli Ngcobo – WATCH

The angered Mandy Malebo who is Mondli Ngcobo’s baby mother took to social media to detail some of her grievances towards her baby father. In some of the video’s shared on social media, Mandy Malebo describes how Mondli Ngcobo does not want to spend time with their son, which at this point the son doesn’t even know him.

In a video shared on social media by Musa Khawula, Mandy Malebo continues to call Mondli Ngcobo out for how he treats both her and their son. According to Mandy Malebo, Mondli has only seen his child once and Mandy Malebo says thinks he is a good dad simply because he sends money every month.

“I am not gonna be quit about how sh*t Mondli is, all because he sends money. I have been made to believe because he takes care of his child he is a good dad. Mondli is sh*t” says Mandy Malebo.


Another thing Mandy Malebo has gravely complained about is how she doesn’t have support from her mother, who clearly defends Mondli Ngcobo at every turn. Mandy Malebo continues to say her mother defends Mondli Ngcobo even though she knows the trauma that she suffered growing up, without both her mother and father in her life.

“So my mom continues to defend Mondli knowing very well the trauma I’ve had to experience having this broken relationship with my dad. All because they could not sort out their issues and they could not voice out the things that they hate. Mondli has literally only seen his child once, my child has seen his dad once” says Mandy Malebo


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Mandy Malebo details how she was assaulted by her own mother, because of the situation she has with her baby father Mondli Ngcobo. Mandy mentions how her mother allegedly pulled her by her hair, causing her grave pain to her skull, she was beaten up and her nail broke, she also had a nose bleed during an altercation she had with her mother who defends Mondli Ngcobo.


“And then my mom continues to defend him only because he sends money, and I got beat up, my nail, nose bleed, my skull literally hurt. My mom pulled me so hard by my hair and I am so angry at my cousin for holding me cause I could not defend myself.” says Mandy Malebo

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