Ilwa Ntombooo has become a catchy phrase in Mzansi with many people using the famous phrase made popular by 18 year old Bobo Mbhele.Bobo “Ilwa Ntomboo” Mbhele Undergoes Shocking Surgery On Video.

Bobo “Ilwa Ntomboo” Mbhele Undergoes Shocking Surgery On Video

Bobo Mbhele is a Social media star and Durban-based socialite. He is 18 years old. Bobo has become hot property on social media with his slogan “Ilwa Ntomboo,” The social media star rose to fame a few years ago with his video where he called himself a slay queen and advised girls to vigilant as he would take their men. Bobo is an extraordinary youngster, he is staying with his two sisters. His mother passed away. He once appeared on Mzanzi Magic on Somizi Mhlongo’s show Living The Dream With Somizi.

The self-proclaimed slay queen has since gone viral on social media with his videos and they have many rolling on the floor with laughter. Bobo is a comedian.

One social media user posted a picture of Bobo wrapped with plastic the whole body. The user asked on Twitter that what’s going on with Ntomboo. People responded mocking him, some were saying he is dead because the way he is , is how they wrap the person who died due to Covid-19. Some were saying maybe she wants to look like Khanyi Mbau as they were saying it seems like Ntomboo is doing skin bleaching.

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Some were saying they see the next Michael Jackson. Indeed he is really fighting for beauty. Someone even said he is looking like Christmas Gift. Those who know they were saying he is doing plastic surgery.


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