A short video clip of presidential hopeful and controversial businessman Duduzane Zuma doing a short walk out of a building while smash hit ‘iMali Eningi’ by musician Big Zulu plays over the video has gone viral. #DuduzaneChallenge – South Africans crush over Duduzane Zuma and his bodyguard. #DuduzaneChallenge - South Africans crush over Duduzane Zuma and his bodyguards - Video

What initially caught everyone’s attention due to Zuma Jr’s female fans swooning over his walk, quickly became a challenge when Zuma and his friends recreated the video, this time in more formal attire and to a different song.


Zuma Jr has been trending for various reasons over the last few weeks, with the latest reason being his status as a fashionista and a heartthrob.



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South African men refused to be left behind and rose to the challenge, literally, by creating #duduzanechallenge to poke fun at the issue with some hilarious and entertaining results.







Ever since announcing his plans to run for president in the 2024 national elections, Zuma Jr. has been on a campaign trail of sorts, making a number of public appearances, doing interviews and sharing his thoughts on what’s wrong in South Africa as well as how he plans to fix it.

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