Brave young man snatches teenage girl from r@pist attempting to r@pe her for the third time. She knew she was in for the worst day of her life when the offer of a ride home turned into a nightmare. The driver of the vehicle tried to rape her at three different locations and it was only through the intervention of a passerby that her life was saved.

Brave young man snatches teenage girl from r@pist attempting to r@pe her for the third time


SunHero Sindile Mkonto (18) said the girl wasn’t wearing anything on the lower part of her body.

“I couldn’t walk with her like that,” he said.

“I gave her my shorts and I was left in my underwear.” He said on their way home the girl was crying uncontrollably and he ended up carrying her on his back like a child.

The Philippi teenager told the publication her attacker offered her transport from Khayelitsha to Philippi but demanded s.e.x on their way home. The girl said he attempted to rape her twice at different locations around Gugulethu, the first time at a graveyard where he was disturbed. The second time he was put off by barking dogs. “He tried the third time was at a park but I was saved,” said the girl.

She said she then saw a man passing and she screamed. The man came closer and asked what was happening.

“The attacker lied. He said I was his girlfriend. He told the other man to mind his own business but I screamed more and the passerby came closer. He grabbed me from the car,” she said.

After the girl was rescued, the would-be rapist threatened the passerby and the girl but they managed to run away and he drove off at high speed.

Sindile told the publication when he snatched the girl from the car he wasn’t scared but the man threatened him afterwards.

“He went back to his car and said ‘ndizokubonisa’, which means I’ll show you and acted as if he was fetching something from his car. I didn’t know whether he had a gun or a knife so I ran away with the girl,” he said.

The girl said her attacker was between 25 and 30 years old and he was driving a white Toyota Yaris.

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“I don’t know how to thank this brave guy. After he saved me I was scared he was going to rape me but instead we went to his home, dressed, and went to the cop shop.” she said.

Police spokesman Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi said the Nyanga family violence, child protection and s.e.xual offences unit is investigating a case of attempted rape.

Swartbooi confirmed a 19-year-old was almost raped by a driver, who instructed her to take her clothes off, in Gugulethu on Saturday at around 10 pm.
“When she saw an unknown male walking past the vehicle, she jumped from the vehicle and fled. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene and is yet to be arrested,” he said.

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