Somizi Has Breakfast With Monkeys, Calls Them Cassper & Trompies.Breakfast With Monkeys At Somizi’s

It’s never a dull moment with Somizi. Somizi who is currently at his Zimbali den in KwaZulu-Natal, had unexpected guests who imposed on his hospitality. Somizi had guests in form of monkeys, who are found in the tropical area and they made themselves quite at home and started chowing some food.Breakfast With Monkeys At Somizi’s

When the little buggers landed on his porch, he started filming them and it looked like he was actually having fun.

He even named the monkeys Cassper Nyovest and Trompies before jokingly accusing them of witchcraft.

Somizi and his bae Mohale flew on a jet to Zimbali, where they decided to retreat and just enjoy life away from the city.

However their gallivanting wasn’t met well by the some who called for Somizi’s arrest for flouting the lockdown rules of social distancing and interprovincial travelling.

Somizi triggered the people’s wrath when a video clip he featured having a small party with his friends, including Khaya Dladla who revealed that he recently recovered from Covid-19.
In the video, no one was wearing a mask and they all had deliberate physical contact.

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Some social media users are insisting that Somizi should be locked up behind bars and not be given preferential treatment because of his celebrity status.

Here Are some of the comments

“Celebs Feel As If They Can Get Away With Anything, It’s Sad To See This.. They Don’t Care At All About The Repercussions Of Their Actions”

“So really, this lockdown is actually for us people who don’t have money”

“Surely this calls for some arrests. What’s sad is lo Leroy Syd and Somgaga their friend u TTmbha just survived Covid and here they are. MABABOSHWE”

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