Magic’s popular Telenovela The Queen. The larger-than-life TV host, has been playing the character of Mildred Sefatsa, a 41-year-old a glamorous woman, who is a sugar mama and an Instagram slay queen.Sello Maake-Ncube To Kuli Roberts: Your Acting Is Terrible

While she has been basking in all the compliments and positive feedback, they have been a few people who are dragging her for her “poor” acting skills.Sello Maake-Ncube To Kuli Roberts: Your Acting Is Terrible

The star recently talked to TshisaLIVE about the harsh criticism she faced from Sello Maake-Ncube.

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“I’ve had a lot of positive feedback but Sello Maake-Ncube called up and said, ‘Hayi … you are doing a terrible job, you’re stiff and you should have come to me for master classes …'”

While feedback is always great what bothered the actress was how he went about it.

“Look, he called me out of the blue and offered masterclasses. You don’t call a person out of the blue and just unsettle them further but that’s Joburg for you. The cruelty? We take it all the time.”

Known for her brutal honesty, Kuli has been responding to almost every tweet that dissed her work on the telenovela. She said she knew that she brought what was expected of her to the role.

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