Brenda Fassie’s Son, Bongani Fassie Exposes Artists Who Are Taking Drugs. Mzansi Is happy to see Bongani Fassie looking clean and better than the last episode of #FindingBongani.

Brenda Fassie's Son, Bongani Fassie Exposes Artists Who Are Taking Drugs

Bongani is back and his clean. He is known as a son of late icon and legendary Singer Brenda Fassie. Bongani was made famous when he started taking drugs. His career came to an end, and he blocked from the entertainment industry because of drugs.

Lance introduced Bonangi to drugs. It’s a well known rumour that he gives drugs to his artists, they also mentioned Vusi Nova, Ntando and others. He said it in his first season why Lance blocked him in the entertainment industry. People are thinking that Bongani is sounding like a broken record. Fans are saying that heneeds to own up to his own mistakes and stop blaming people.

People can’t believe all people especially artist who were close to Bongani has turn their back against him. Bongani was dealt a bad hand, from having a mom who was not present to not being believed by family and friends. He really is doing well and is on the right trajectory. Bongani have revealed that he was introduced to the drugs by Lance. Apparently Lance has many people who are in his pay rolls including, Vusi Nova, Nandi and Ismael.

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Vusi Nova, Nandi and Ismael went to Instagram and denying the allegations made by Bongani Fassie in his Confession. All of those people they are throwing Bongani under the bus. My question is why would Bongani lie about Lance introducing him to drugs whats there to gain? And we all know Ismael was always as high as a kite, from his own interviews.

Most celebrities are doing drugs that’s not a secret, Bongani blew his mothers fortune an now that he’s out of the dragging all of them to filth.

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