The self-proclaimed prophet has done wonders to the justice system of the whole of South Africa. He went from being the most wanted criminal in all the land, being in arrest and sent out on bail. He is currently a totally free man in his home country, enjoying all the spoils he gained in South Africa. This whole story has been a very troublesome one to say the least. Till to this day no one can explain how a wanted man crossed the security filled borders of South Africa.Bushiri Exposes South Africa’s Cyril Ramaphosa and Bheki Cele

Bushiri Exposes South Africa’s Cyril Ramaphosa and Bheki Cele

Everyone has been taking the blame away from them but this whole even proved how shaky Cyril Ramaphosa and his administration is. Everything has been run unprofessional, and they thought no none would ever know. This escape by Bushiri has exposed all these mismanagements that has been going on unchecked for all of these years. Cyril Ramaphosa needs to sit down and re-evaluate his whole justice system structure as it is evident it is failing the country dismally.

After all the series of events, South Africans ask themselves what would have happened if Bushiri was an actual terrorist. He would have gotten away with a lot of lives and not even Ramaphosa would have stopped hi. The president always brags about stopping crime and corruption in its tracks but this time around he moved to slow. The Hawks slacked off and now a man is free with millions from South Africa’s economy.

The minister of alcohol Bheki Cele has been utterly clueless oh this case. He came out and said Bushiri shouldn’t have been given bail, but he didn’t even do the arrest himself. He is just pushing a celebrity status and coming on interviews to talk about the state of things while in actuality nothing is done. If Ramaphosa was the leader he was, he would get Bushiri back from Malawi and if Bheki Cele was a good police minister, Bushiri wouldn’t have escaped South Africa.

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It seems that Bushiri is an undocumented mastermind who is pulling strings left, right and centre. No one can predict his next move. He is actually the one who has handed himself over to South African Police before they came for his arrest, this allowed the law to be lenient with his punishment. He made sure that he go bail in a place where he wasn’t.

The smartness of the menn became visible when he knew exactly what Claus of the constitution in Malawi would set him free. He handed himself over knowing very well he will be released. He was then released with absolutely no conditions whatsoever. The police even said his arrest was illegal. If both the president of South Africa and the minister of police knew exactly what they were doing, they would have asked that the police in Malawi send him back her where he escaped from.

Now the prophet is a free man and the law of South Africa is doing a hopping game. They are totally at the mercy of Bushiri. There are no ways they can go and retrieve him from his home country. At this point the man might never come back to South Africa as he is even hosting an online church from the comfort of his own home.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think the leadership of the South African President was truly exposed by this case?

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