BETUSILE MCINGA was born in Willowvale and raised in Umtata in the Eastern Cape by Award Winning Gospel Artist Lusanda Mcinga. Betusile started his singing career at the early age of 14, when he and his family spent most of the time singing in church services. He became a qualified keyboard player in the Lusanda Spiritual Group (LSG) and later became one of the backing vocalists. Gospel singer Bethusile Mcinga comes out of the Closet.

Gospel singer Bethusile Mcinga comes out of the Closet

BETUSILE is now an independent artist and has launched his own record label, Betusile Music Entertainment. The first artist recorded and released on this label is Sniko Bulana. He is also a song writer and has written for Lusanda Spiritual Group.

He recently posted a picture of him self hinting to the Nation that he is a part of the Rainbow community. The rainbow community consists of people that hold the belief that sexuality is a broad spectrum.

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After posting his pictures and caused a frenzy, people commented and some even inboxed him to show their interest in him. He mockingly laughed on some “Aba 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 kwi inbox”.

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