Busisiwe Lurayi’s father found her ‘lifeless’ in her daughter’s room, aunt reveals. Family and close friends of the late actress Busi Lurayi are devastated as they seek answers regarding the cause of her untimely death.

Busisiwe Lurayi’s father found her ‘lifeless’ in her daughter's room, aunt reveals

“We are waiting for a report which is delaying us in making major decisions.” Busi’s aunt, Sonti Lurayi, told TshisaLIVE.

Sonti, who assumed the role of her mother figure after the passing of her biological mother, said the actress was found lifeless by her father on Sunday night..“Busisiwe was excused from set due to not being well. After not returning to work, colleagues tracked down the family. Once her dad was notified he immediately went to Busisiwe’s house where he found her in her daughter’s room.

“He called the police who summoned paramedics. . Busi was declared dead at 11.15pm. The family is devastated.”

On July 7, Busi’s manager and close friend and president of Eye Media Artists agency Brian Makau and the actress celebrated her bagging new roles and how the next two years were looking bright for the performer. It was a conversation he never thought would be their last.

“She was like a sister. We bought flowers for each other all the time. There were moments I was upset with her, and moments where I was over the moon with her, and Thursday was one of those days, but she said she wasn’t feeling well,” Brian said.

Brian said he was always in awe witnessing her as an actress and mother of her daughter Ayana.

“As a mother, she was a mama bear. She installed so much etiquette into Ayana. She brought her to my place many times and she was like a little mini Busi. She was so hands on with her.

“When she loved a person, she gave it her all. I felt like we had a sister and brother relationship. We were friends in business and friends personally. Busi loved hard and fought harder. ”

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Speaking of the strides she had taken in the entertainment industry and how she was appreciated, Brian said he was grateful she had received accolades while she was s alive.

Busi won the Safta for bestsupporting actress in a TV comedy in 2006. In 2011 and 2021 she received the same award for best actress in a TV comedy for City Ses’la and How to Ruin Christmas.

“Busi told me she gave the industry everything she could. When she would go for a casting she would always get the role. She wouldn’t go to a casting she didn’t believe in. Every nomination she got in the Saftas she won. She was very sentimental about the projects she got involved in. She would say no to a lot of things. She knew what she was capable of. She presented an incredible performance all the time. She knew what challenged her and she went for those roles. Her performances were electrifying. She always performed as if it was her last.”

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