Lee Khuzwayo Is Divorcing Her Husband Michael Mhlanga For Cheating. Lee Khuzwayo has filed for divorce from Michael Mhlanga after he cheated on her with her best friend Mandy Mdluli.

Lee Khuzwayo Is Divorcing Her Husband Michael Mhlanga For Cheating

Lee Khuzwayo has returned to Durban after leaving her marital home in Johannesburg. Her best friend Mandy is said to be the primary reason for the divorce.

Meet Lee Khuzwayo ex-best friend, Mandy Mdluli.

When Mandy posted a video of Lee blacking out in Dubai, many people predicted a storm. Your true friend would never do such a thing. I was about to sever her right then and there.

Lee had complete faith in Mandy while she was plotting to steal everything she had built. Friendships and relationships should never be mixed. If a friend notices that your partner makes you happy, they will steal your partner in order to experience the same happiness. This extends beyond categories.

What happened to Lee and Mandy is proof that women despise each other, which is why I’ll never be on the side of the other woman. Don’t come here with your “I didn’t know he was married” nonsense because she knew that was her man. Mandy Mdluli appears to be a married woman.

Mandy wished she could live Lee’s life. Sis was never fond of Lee. If the rumors about her divorce are true. I’m relieved that new age baddies aren’t tying themselves to unhappy marriages.

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If Beyonce can be cheated on by a billionaire, then who is Lee Khuzwayo? Claps only once. People kept telling Lee that Mandy wasn’t a good friend after she posted Lee in Dubai while she was blacked out, and she tried to justify it by saying it was an error.

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