Close Friend shares private Photos of actress Connie Ferguson.Private photos of Actress Connie Ferguson shared by close friend.

Close Friend shares private Photos of actress Connie Ferguson.

The Queen actress Connie Ferguson’s friend Juliana Haimbodi shared their old picture leaving Connie feeling exposed. For some decades now, Connie has grown to become one of the finest actresses and personalities in Mzansi.

A few months ago, she even won the DSTV Viewers Personality of the year, which showed a person she has grown to be. Whenever one hears the name Connie Ferguson, one associates it with classiness and success.

Many fans who knew Connie as a big lady who later married her famous late husband, Shona Ferguson, were puzzled by such a picture.

Over the years, Connie had been working on her body through several means, including going to the gym, hiring personal trainers and eating prescribed food. She has since managed to keep her body in shape and doesn’t look like a fifty-tow-year-old anymore.

Don’t get it twisted; the Connie we watch on television today didn’t look this beautiful some years ago. Her old picture showed us another phase in Connie’s life that we had no chance of seeing, thanks to her childhood friend Juliana.

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The Queen actress Connie Ferguson felt exposed after an old friend shared a supposed ‘private’ picture.
Undoubtedly, everyone has pictures they don’t want to see going public, but Connie’s supposed private photo went viral. Her old friend had to dig deep into the archives to draw such a picture.

It looked like the fifty-two-year-old actress was still in her late twenties/early thirties. Upon sharing the photo, Juliana also realised how much she was skinny, and she laughed at it.

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