MaShelembe from Mnakwethu living in serious poverty. Makhosazana “MaShelembe” Shelembe, a Mnakwethu reality TV star, is back in the press and alleges that things are not going well for her this time. She alleges that after receiving expensive baby showers in KwaZulu-Natal the previous year, she is once more in dire poverty.

MaShelembe from Mnakwethu living in serious poverty

According to the Daily Sun, MaShelembe is having financial difficulties due to difficulties in her alcohol company.

MaShelembe was one of the many wives whose husbands took a second wife without asking them beforehand, giving them the shock of their lives.

Citizens assisted her and helped make her pregnancy especially memorable by holding two baby showers despite her declaration that she would leave her husband and move out of their marital house.

“I’m actually starving and I have no other income except from this business. In 2021, I had two baby showers, which I really appreciate,” she said. “At the time, I was instructed to ignore all calls. Businesspeople who wanted to assist me were blocked but now I can see I was misled. I’m back in poverty and no one is willing to help me because I rejected their help.”

“Hundreds of people donated money to me but I never received a cent. I was referred to lawyers to assist me but I’ve never heard from them.”

MaShelembe again appeals to the people for assistance.

At the time, Isolezwe stated that Mathonsi had received a directive from Mashelembe’s legal counsel at Rajaram Mvulane Attorneys to pay Mashelembe R20 940.

According to RM Attorneys, Mathonsi went to MaShelembe’s house, inquired about her bank account, and then the two of them proceeded to the bank to confirm. It was claimed that Mathonsi requested donations to her account from the public for the baby shower.

Mathonsi told the publication, “This morning I requested the name of a school closest to her to enable the driver to find her easily. At this point, she informed me that on Friday she will be traveling to Empangeni. I then asked how this was possible because we had agreed on the weekend and everything it entailed.

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“…all the women who wanted to shower Makhosi with love…the organizer made it clear that her plan was not flexible in any way, but promised to speak to her committee and get back to me in an hour with a resolution…” The publication quoted her.

“Makhosi is pregnant. I did not and do not want to be the cause or part of the cause of undue emotional or physical stress to her by putting her in an uncomfortable position. To avoid any conflict or perception of conflict, I decided to withdraw from the situation.”

“Ntsike Magwaza of Mrs Hairfidence had generously allowed us to use her business to drop off gifts for those who would not be available for the drive-through gift drop-off and baby shower on Sunday. This need not stop.

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