Dinner At Somizi’s : Jub Jub Is The Next Guest 1 Magic’s hit reality show Dinner At Somizi’s, has become Mzansi’s favorite. The show which is hosted by larger-than-life media personality Somizi Mhlongo, see Jub Jub this coming Friday, being a guest on the cooking show.

Dinner At Somizi's : Jub Jub Is The Next Guest

In a teaser shared on social media by Somizi, it is palpable that avid viewers of the show are in for some great laughs. Jub Jub who is Somizi’s biggest fan brings him flowers and Somizi appreciates his kind gesture saying he is cheating with him.

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Somizi uses his splendiferous vocabularies describing Jub Jub as fiery and effervescent and Jub Jub asks what is that? Somizi responds by saying Google it. They further speak about Jub Jub’s hit show Uyajola 9/9 and the things he sees on the show, and Jub Jub opens up about his journey saying it is not for the cheap people to understand.

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