Woman causes chaos after throwing a party to celebrate her Divorce  Mabidietsa Rasentsoere evoked a lot of emotions on social media when she threw herself a divorce party. She posted the photos on Facebook celebrating with her friends.

Woman causes chaos after throwing a party to celebrate her Divorce

The photos were captioned: “New beginnings. I thanked God that the person inside me started to live. I came, I saw, I conquered and I’m happy again.”

The former Mrs Vaal 2018/19 from Sharpeville, south of Joburg, also had a cake written: “I do, I did, I’m done, divorced at last.”

But not everyone supports the idea of a divorce party.

Pastor Lufuno Mdau said divorce was not something to celebrate even if the reasons for it were valid.

Woman causes chaos after throwing a party to celebrate her Divorce

“When two people unite, two families also unite and that is a joyful moment. But it brings pain when they decide to separate, not just to them, but their families too,” he said.

Traditionalist, Thembi Nkomo, said it was not only families that united through marriage, but ancestors as well.

“I hope proper protocols were followed to make the ancestors aware of the broken bond between the families,” she said.

Psychologist, Salome Sathekge, said people should not be too quick to judge her.

“This should be seen as a woman who has been set free and has found her strength again,” she said.

Some social media users criticized her, while others applauded her.

¦ Shoni Mushau said: “You did what’s best for you girl, you are the only one who knows what you were feeling, congratulations.”

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¦ Sive Zamahlubi Poswa said: “Absolutely yes. Well done for leaving and there must’ve been a valid reason as no sane woman would leave a happy, healthy and loving marriage. People will expect you to be miserable but no we need to change the narrative, rather leave than come back in a coffin.”

¦ Bongo Nive said: “I don’t think I would celebrate a divorce no matter what. Even if I was not happy I don’t see anything to celebrate in a divorce.”

¦ Phamandla Matt said: “This lady is breathing through the wound. She can be happy with her friends but deep down when she’s alone, kuyanyiwa.

Ended in tears, I must say.”

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