Drama As V-Class Slay Queen Is Handcuffed For Not Paying Hotel Bill. When slay queens, as they are known, go out to have fun, they usually do not spend their own money.

They simply dress up, make a good impression, and show up at the club where they will persuade men to pay for their drinks.
This is true for a variety of things, including vacations and hotel bills. Nthabi, the girl who was dragged from a V class, was allegedly involved in another scandal in which she and her friends failed to pay the hotel bill.

One might wonder where they were going in the first place, knowing full well that they are cash-strapped, but this is not surprising in this country, where girls, particularly slay queens, can make plans and enjoy things without having to pay for them in the hopes that the guy will pay.

What could have happened? Is it possible that Nthabi and her friend were abandoned by the man who was supposed to pay the hotel bill? Why did they go to a hotel when they knew they didn’t have any money?

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The lovely Nthabi is visibly handcuffed in the video and declares, “I’ll sue you.” “How will you be able to sue us when you don’t even have enough money to pay your hotel bill?” one manager asked.

Is this turning into a sad trend where girls want to reap and enjoy benefits and lifestyles that we can’t afford? Will this practice ever come to an end in South Africa?

Are men enabling this trend because they have the financial means to do so?


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