Musa Mseleku gets a glimpse of his future from Dloz’lami.  Things have taken a nasty turn in the Mseluke household as it was clear that Bab’Ngcobo is not at all pleased with how his wife and daughter have handled themselves as he refused to enter and went on to scold them the entire time he was there.

Musa Mseleku gets a glimpse of his future from Dloz’lami.

He went on to touch on something that has been an issue for them as a family the issue of ‘Umuthi’ noting that he was in a polygamous marriage with three women who dd not love each other and used traditional means to hurt each.

It seems that is the same thing happening in the Mseluke camp, as there is no unity or peace in the Mseluke household. The wives are constantly at each other’s throats and has pointed out at one point that one wife would hurt the other by using ‘muthi’ and that does not come as a shock as we have seen how they behave towards each other.

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It shows that it has taken its toll on Musa when we look at the tears that he shed during his party shows that this goes very deep for him. It is never easy to see a grown man weep the way he did like he had been hurt. His wives being all there was too much for him for him to accept, but what really shock us was the fact that none of the wives stood up to console their husband

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