etv finally speaks out on cancelling The Black Door. Black Brain and come guns blazing for Phil Mphela as they rubbish The Black Door cancellation rumours.

etv finally speaks out on cancelling The Black Door.

Undoubtedly, The Black Door has been topping trends of late after it was revealed that the drama series was being canned.

Well, in the mix of things, the production house behind the raunchy drama series has since rubbished the daring claims.

Moreover, has since confirmed that the drama series is still airing, and there is no news of its cancellation on the cards.

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela revealed the news of the cancellation of the drama series on Twitter. We can all agree that the news set social media ablaze as viewers weighed the drama series cancellation with their two cents.

Mzansi was more than confused about why would be the drama series cancelled, yet it had just premiered its debut season.

Phil Mphela has it that the drama series was canned after it failed to strike a balance regarding viewership. He has it that the show drew just under 2.6 million viewers, with a 37.4 percent audience share. According to Phil, not pulling in impressive numbers.

The Black Door cancelled. Sad news for #TheBlackDoor fans. The etv telenovela will not be renewed for another season. Pulling just under 2.6-million viewers peak — with an audience share of 37.4% for its timeslot, the show was not a dud, numbers-wise,” wrote Phil.

Phil Mphela trends after Black Brain and rubbish The Black Door cancellation rumours

In the wake of these daring canning allegations, Mandla N has since weighed into the matter to clear the air regarding the alleged canning of The Black Door.

“That was just fake news!”

Speaking to the media, Black Brain’s Mandla N has it that the drama series is going nowhere. He went on to rubbish Phil Mphela’s assertions.

The bubbly show producer has it that the drama series is doing well regarding numbers, and is more than happy with drama series.

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“Not at all. I also got that on social media. We are not getting canceled and obviously, the show is doing well. We are the fastest growing show on the platform right now. Obviously, the commissioning editor and channel is very happy with us, so we are really excited about that. That was just fake news and rumours,” he said.

However, in the mix of things, has also distanced itself from the fake news that has since flooded social media. In reacting to the news the channel has it that The Black Door was not going anywhere, “We have no idea where the tweet got the information.”

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