A former pastor at the Rivers of Living Waters Church in Evaton in the Vaal has explained how church leader, Archbishop Stephen Zondo, allegedly works with demons and dead people. Former pastor tells CRL Commission that Archbishop Zondo allegedly works with ‘demons and dead people’

Former pastor tells CRL Commission that Archbishop Zondo allegedly works with ‘demons and dead people’

The CRL Commission is currently holding hearings on Zondo and his church following accusations that include witchcraft, rape and murder. Witnesses have painted Zondo as a Satanist who’s parading as a Christian minister.

Former pastor at the church, Andile Mali, has explained to the commission how Zondo allegedly makes demons possess his victims’ bodies.

On the first day of the CRL Commission hearings on what allegedly happened at the Rivers of Living Waters Church, Archbishop Stephen Zondo’s niece and sister accused him of rape, murder and witchcraft.

Another witness says Zondo raped her too, she spoke about how he allegedly got her to split into two people underwater. And on day 2 of the hearings on Wednesday, Zondo’s former lieutenant, pastor Andile Mali, detailed how Zondo allegedly did this.

He started by explaining how rape happened during one-on-one prayer sessions.

“When I lay my hand on the top of his/her head he will fall. When he falls the demons will capture your body. Your spirit is no more there, that is why the snakes will speak in your body. Your spirit is no more inside and your mind is no more. You are nothing! You are dead. He can even speak to your mind and he can ask your mind how much do you have in the bank, your mind will speak, ” says Mali.

CRL Commission hears about sexual allegations against Bishop Zondo:

Another witness was a man who explained how his marriage collapsed after he found sexual text messages between Zondo and his wife. He says when he gave his wife an ultimatum, she chose Zondo.

Mali went into detail about how many people were possessed during a week-long deliverance class, a prominent program of the church. He explained that this was where people’s minds are taken over and where they were turned into zombies.

“They are zombies because even in the deliverance class before it starts and they will remember this he will say, we call your minds to this territory, always they start there they call your minds and then you will do as they want.”

Mali also touched on what happened the last time the church interacted with the CRL Commission when it was still chaired by Thoko Mkhwanazi-Xaluva.

“When we came back home he called us as his pastors he took mama Thoko Mkhwanazi’s name, wrote it on a page, anointed the name with red oil and said its time we curse her and then he took a spear and pierced her name so that we cursed her to death.”

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Mali also explained how Zondo’s church was allegedly guarded by the spirits of dead people which he used as monitoring spirits in the guise of doves, owls and bats. He alleges that the church survives on blood and as a result they cause accidents on the roads. Another witness says he was followed by owls everywhere he went, testified how when he lost his wealth and had his cars and house repossessed, the church wouldn’t let him see the archbishop for prayer.

The hearings are expected to conclude on Thursday:

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