From tomorrow, FNB will give you another R2 per litre back on fuel. For three months starting on 1 July, First National Bank is offering R2 back in eBucks per litre of fuel.

From tomorrow, FNB will give you another R2 per litre back on fuel

That is another R2, on top of the current rewards that differ from customer to customer. There are two catches: you have to buy fuel from Engen, and you have to pay for it using a virtual card.

That means setting up a tap-to-pay card on your phone.

For the months of July, August, and September, it will give qualifying customers another R2 back in eBucks for every litre of fuel they buy, First National Bank announced on Thursday.

The offer is on top of the existing eBucks rewards its customers can already claim on fuel purchases, which can range from 60c to R8, depending on account and reward level.

The R2 offer is not dependent on eBucks level, but will remain a flat rate for all customers.

But there are two conditions. The offer is only available for fuel bought at an Engen filling station, and it requires the use of a virtual card.

Such cards can be set up in the FNB app in the “account options” section for accounts with either credit or debit cards.

A screenshot of the FNB app, with arrows indicating

Virtual cards act much like physical cards for the same account, with the same transaction limits. They can be created and deleted at will, or temporarily blocked.

FNB promotes virtual cards as an anti-fraud measure for online shoppers.

Such virtual cards can also be set up for use with a standard tap-to-pay system on a smartphone, with support for Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay, and First National Bank’s own FNB Pay on the FNB app.

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A screenshot of the FNB app, with an arrow pointin
In order to qualify for the R2 deal, customers will have to use a virtual card to pay for their fuel at Engen, and will also have to complete at least one more transaction – which must be online – on a virtual card per month.

That online virtual card transaction can be a purchased at any merchant, and there is no minimum spend required.

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