“We were given free alcohol that was already opened when we got there” Enyobeni Survivors Confess. Investigations are still ongoing into the horrific incident that took place at a tavern in east London known as Enyobeni Scenery Park Tarven. The incident took place on the 26th of June 2022, in the early A.M.

“We were given free alcohol that was already opened when we got there” Enyobeni Survivors Confess

People walked up to the horrific news that 22 teenagers had lost their lives after they went out to have fun, but no one was here, so what had really taken place?

There are many speculations going on about the young teenagers who lost their lives.

People were also shocked by the fact that 22 teenagers died, which means that 22 families have lost a loved one. What shocked people was the fact that teenagers as young as 13 and 12 years old were out late at night and in the early mornings at a place that should only be for adults who are allowed to drink according to South African law.

The videos
and pictures they showed of the incident reveal how much more traffic there was because the bodies that were seen laying on the floor had no external injuries, and speculation about a case that was in the air could have been the reason why the young teenagers lost their lives.

After the investigations that were conducted this week but are still ongoing, it was revealed that a toxic gas was found on the bodies of the victims at Enyobeni Scenery Park, and that a generator that was using petrol that was found inside the Tarven was empty. It is suspected that the people who were present could have breathed in carbon monoxide.


A couple of the teenagers who survived the horrific incident were interviewed and asked what had really taken place.

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Some of them shared that the place was extremely full and some of the people who died were killed in a stampede after people wanted to get out because a suspicious gas was sprayed in the air and they could not breathe.

Some of the teenagers are heartbroken by the fact that they went to their friends’ homes to go fetch them so they could go to the place, but unfortunately, those friends did not return back home because they died at the place.

Their parents are now demanding that they return their children to them.

A fourteen-year-old also said that when they arrived at the tavern they were given free alcohol because it was stated on the poster that was shared on Facebook that there would be free alcohol, food, and entry.

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