Generations Actress Zoe Mthiyane attacked by her ex-husband’s wife. Lebo M’s wife Pretty Samuels-Morake has fired a broadside at television actress Zoe Mthiyane, accusing her of being a Picasso of lies and an absent mother.

Generations Actress Zoe Mthiyane attacked by her ex-husband's wife.

This after Mthiyane told Sunday World last week that her co-parenting with Lebo M, born Lebogang Morake, was a mission impossible.

She praised her other child’s father, revered sports presenter Robert Marawa, as an amazing parent, compared with Lebo M.

“Parenting with Lebo is impossible. We had to find ways to cope with that fact. However, I am lucky to have had intensive therapy, valuable advice and support to lean on. I practise gentle parenting as I learned early on that each child is born with their own personality.” said Mthiyane.

The thespian’s controversial comments drew the ire of Samuels-Morake, who issued a statement and accused the former Generations actress of misrepresenting the truth.

Samuels-Morake said she had initially chosen to remain silent despite numerous attempts to destabilise her family, but decided to break her silence after Mthiyane’s public gibberish.

“In my efforts to maintain the dignity of my family, but most importantly to protect the wellbeing of our kids, I have chosen to remain silent. But given the severity and nature of these allegations, I can no longer remain silent whilst my children are attacked and associated with such defamatory statements in the media.

“I would like to categorically deny that we have no co-parenting plan with Zoe Mthiyane. The matter regarding the child has always been addressed legally by the relevant forum,” reads the statement from Samuels-Morake.

She added that the circumstances that led to the child being taken away from Mthiyane were as a result of her being arrested, after she was involved in an accident, when she was driving under the influence of alcohol.

“After the tragic accident, the courts gave my husband custody of the child and ordered Mthiyane to undergo rehabilitation and therapy so that she may one day be considered a fit mother.


“Our daughter has been in my husband’s care for the past few years and her primary residence is with us.”

She added that Mthiyane last spent time with her daughter around Mother’s Day in 2021, after Lebo M initiated the visit.

Samuels-Morake further said she has been living with Lebo M for the past year and has never met or seen Mthiyane, noting that she has made several attempts to reach out to her in May this year for the wellbeing of the child, but she hit a brick wall.

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“Despite my numerous efforts to get her involved in her daughter’s life, she has consistently and rudely turned down my efforts. It is unfortunate that Mthiyane has had to address such a sensitive matter through the media when our door, and especially mine, remains open to engage as mothers,” said Samuels-Morake.

A police statement seen by Sunday World confirms that Mthiyane was indeed arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.
When contacted for comment, Mthiyane said she is surprised that Sunday World is giving the Morake family a platform to harass her further.

“If there was a warrant, the authorities and your source, Lebo M, would’ve visited my address,” she said.


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