Death Toll Rises To 21 As Children Die In Horrible Accident. Truck Accident at Pongola N2 (KwaZulu Natal Province) Collision with a van that was carrying children from school, it seems like the Bailie had managed to crash into the front end of the truck while the vehicles were moving in different directions.


Death Toll Rises To 21 As Children Die In Horrible Accident

The accident was so loud and very distressing because it caused the children to pose their lives, which should be a topic that we go back to the books for in order to understand what could have happened for the victims to get caught up in such an accident.

17 Children are confirmed to be dead now but the number has now reached 21 people having died from that horrible accident and we wonder what could have happened for the driver of the Jackie to crash into a truck and kill those children, this is very horrible by any standard.

The emergency services were called to the scene in order to conduct the necessary investigations and deal with this matter in a way that will ensure that we do not have such accidents happening on the road, it is unfortunate that so many lives have been lost like this.

The vehicle or Bakkie was found to have crashed into the truck and somehow managed to get underneath the truck to such an extent where you could tell that half of the body of the vehicle was completely ruined by the truck in this horrible accident, it is very concerning to come across such things.

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The emergency services are very unfortunate in that they found their hands full trying to rescue every individual child who happened to be on the road and incapacitated, the scene looked very dreadful in that scotching heat in broad daylight when the accident happened.

This is a very tragic experience for the people who were involved in the accident, and we hope that next time there will be efforts made to prevent such form happening.


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