Goodbye: Why Sandile and Nambitha exit House of Zwide. House of Zwide actors Paballo Mavundla ‘Sandile’ and Sikelelwa Vuyeleni ‘Nambitha’ set for exit When House of Zwide debuted in July 2021, we were introduced to the talented Sandile and Nambitha in the series.

Goodbye: Why Sandile and Nambitha exit House of Zwide

These two were interns at the fashion house, competing with Mampho and Ona for the assistant designer spot at the year’s end.

The end of their internship year came last week when the Jozi fashion week was done. After House of Zwide finished its showcase, Ona was announced as a winner by Funani. This meant that Sandile and Nambitha had to say goodbye to the fashion house.

Sandile was the cool only male intern in the pool of the new interns. He was the most helpful among all the others throughout the year.

When the season began, he had a crush on Onalerona but lost her to Soka, her best friend. After breaking his heart, Sandile fell in love with Zanele Zwide , but she moved to Paris for work. He had been juggling his long-distance relationship with Zanele with his internship.

Paballo Mavundla as Sandile in House of Zwide-Image Source(Instagram/PaballoMavundla)
When Zanele promised to put in a good word for him to her father, Sandile refused because he wanted to win fair and square. Back home, his stepmother was abusing his little brother, and he needed the internship, so he became the legal guardian for his brother and save him. However, his dreams have been crushed, but the house promised to get him another job in another fashion house.

Nambitha crashed into our screens as the spoiled black girl with a white brother. Later it was explained that her mother was a maid for a wealthy white couple, and she grew up with the De Villiers, who saw them as family. This made one of Nkosi Zwide’s former best friends and severe playboy her brother.

However, her mother had a fall out with this family, which led to her moving out and asking Nambitha not to accept gifts from the de Villiers.
Sikelelwa Vuyeleni-Image Source(Instagram/Sikelelwa Vuyeleni)

During her internship, Nambith tried to play fair, buts she always lacked the talent that Laz was looking for.

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Out of jealousy, she sabotaged Ona’s dress leading to Ona losing that small competition. However, she repented, and they became friends again with time. Nambitha even helped Ona finish her final dress together with Sandile. When they lost, she begged Faith to let her stay, but that bore no fruits.

Are Paballo Mavundla and Sikelelwa set for House of Zwide exit?

The two young actors are still part of the House of Zwide cast for now, and the crew will bid farewell to them soon. Laz has promised to throw Onalerona a party celebrating her success, and they were invited.

Sandile is dating Zanele, but this is the end of their time as part of the cast. The actors will be focusing on their other projects for the time.

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