Bonang Admits To Dating Banele From Major League Djs. According to rumours, Bonang Matheba is allegedly dating one of the Majour League DJs Banele Mbere. Queen B has neither confirmed nor denied this rumour but Twitter blogger Musa Khawula seems pretty sure she is.

Bonang Admits To Dating Banele From Major League Djs

This comes after she posted something raunchy on her IG stories and even tagged Banele Mbere. The IG post reads, ‘come home so I can sit on your face.’

Now, the blogger also alleges that this is why Mihlali Ndamase posted that unattractive picture of Bonang Matheba on her Instagram stories. The beauty blogger is apparently friends with the presenter, so people were confused as to why would Mihlali do that.

Now, trying to connect the dots, Musa alleged that Mihlali is jealous of the apparent relationship, seeing how she too dated Banele some years back.


A few weeks back, Slik Talk said Mihlali had ulterior motives when she posted that picture of Bonang which resulted in her getting trolled.

“I just saw this disturbing picture and I have to talk about it, why is Bonang looking like a second hand 2005 Toyota Corolla? She’s looking crazy, Bonang is looking crazy in these streets. I saw this picture of Bonang making the rounds of her looking old and I thought maybe people are just trolling her. Then I decided to go onto Mihlali’s Instagram story just to check if this picture is legit or not. Come to find out this picture is legit.”

“What happened for you to be pushing 60? Bonang looks like a 60-year-old granny and that’s not normal. You do not go from looking like Queen B, one of the baddest chicks in the country, to looking like Thuli Madonsela.”

“There has to be a reason for Bonang to look the way she is. Bonang is 35-years-old, she’s old but not that old to a point where make-up does nothing to her.

“What’s worse is the person who posted this picture, was Mihlali, somebody who is supposed to be her so-called friend, somebody who admires Bonang. If you ask me I think Mihlali did that on purpose because she wanted to prove to Bonang that she is getting old and her time is moving on. Mihlali was basically saying ‘is this your Queen?’

There is no way Mihlali posted that by mistake!”

Bonang revealed to Drum that she has a beau but she would not be revealing his identity because every time she does, things always go south.

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“Showing my relationships has never benefited me in any way. It has brought me worse than good, and I learned that the hard way. I feel like I make more money when people don’t know who I am dating. But I am happy in this relationship. You can see my happiness in my glow and I am not short of anything,” she continued.

She said just because she did not make it IG official, does not mean it did not happen, “Just because it’s not on Instagram, doesn’t mean it’s not happened. My fans don’t love it when I keep secrets, but I have been burned in the past and I am being careful.”


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