“His Face Is Now Deformed”| Watch Lvovo Derrango Singing Big Nuz’s Ngeke At Home After His Stroke.

“His Face Is Now Deformed”| Watch Lvovo Derrango Singing Big Nuz’s Ngeke At Home After His Stroke

Kwaito star Lvovo Derrango is lucky and grateful to be alive after nearly losing his life after a stroke.

What makes his story more chilling is that the “minor stroke” that he experienced on 23 December 2022 is the same that his friend Mampintsha of Big Nuz went through some days earlier, and it snatched away his life.

Fortunately, Lvovo Derrango, real name Thokozani Sphamandla Ndlovu, is out of the woods, and on 30 December 2022, he was discharged from the hospital and reunited with his family.

As people waited to cross over into 2023 on New Year’s Eve, Lvovo reckoned he might as well show his fans that he is in high spirits despite still recovering from a stroke. In any case, getting to the last day of 2022 was a blessing after a challenging year.

Besides the stroke last month, Lvovo was involved in an accident that almost claimed his life in May 2022.

The star posted a video on his Instagram handle while sitting in his home with his family.

Lvovo Derrango Singing Big Nuz’s Ngeke At Home [Image: Instagram/@lvovosa]

They were singing along and dancing to the smash hit, Ngeke, by Big Nuz, and the mood was festive and celebratory.

From the video, Lvovo’s face shows that he has been through a stroke. His left side appears inanimate.

His left eye is slightly closed, while the left side of his mouth is drooping lower.

Despite that, the star still sings to the song blaring in the room as three other women in the room dance the night away. Watch the video below.

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After his discharge from hospital, Lvovo told the media that the death of his friend Mampintsha affected him so much. He recalled that he heard the news of his passing moments before hitting the stage at the Indwedwe Music Festival, a day after visiting Mampintsha in hospital.


“Mampintsha’s Death Triggered Me”| Lvovo Derrango Reveals The Moment He Had A Stroke
It was when he was nearing the end of the performance that Lvovo could no longer feel his left side and had to leave the stage.

The star was hurt that he could not attend Mampintsha’s funeral and vowed to visit his grave once he recovers and can move around again.

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