His R2 million house, cars & wife lost to drugs.The painful story of drug-addict, popular actor Innocent Masuku. He played the part of a drug addict in the fantasy of Yizo Yizo and Tshisa, but few people were aware that in real life he lived in a dank hole that was fueled by c0caine and nyaope.

His R2 million house, cars & wife lost to drugs.The painful story of drug-addict, popular actor Innocent Masuku.

But as he stepped out into the sunlight the other day, it marked the beginning of a new trip for him! It seems that Innocent Masuku (42) has returned.

“I’m reclaiming control of my life. “I want to get back into acting so I can continue to make people laugh and smile,” he stated.

“It would mean the world to me to be able to assist other addicts in overcoming this demon, and I will never stop inspiring others.”

In Yizo Yizo and Tshisa, Innocent portrayed the character Bobo, who was a drug user, and Baksteen, who was a drug user on Tshisa.

However, he eventually acquired a serious addiction to drugs, which caused him to lose his R2 million property, his cars, and his close friends.

In addition to that, he ended his engagement.

People noted that the former actor had lost weight and was using drugs, which he admitted to, and this caused him to become a trending topic on social media.

Yesterday, Innocent started taking back control of his life, and this came after he had been in rehabilitation for the past six weeks.

He checked himself out of the Witpoort Recovery Centre in Brakpan, Ekurhuleni, yesterday in order to embark on a fresh adventure with a new goal in mind. He had been there for the past six weeks.

Innocent from Zola, Soweto, shared that he is sorry he ever used cocaine since it caused him to lose everything he owned.

The year 2000 marked the beginning of his struggle with substance abuse, which began when a mutual acquaintance gave him his first taste of cocaine.

He claimed that his initial expenditure was R1,000, but that when his addiction worsened after the year 2010, he spent far more than that.“I never in a million years imagined that drugs would ruin my life.

“I enjoyed them because I was having fun and I felt good when I had taken them,” he said. “I felt like a better person after having taken them.”

He was unable to recover the Krugersdorp home, a Golf 3, or a Mercedes-Benz C200 that he had lost.

In 2017, he ended his engagement to his fiancee.

Innocent, a man with two kids, said that he had spent more than R500,000 on illegal substances.

“However, that wasn’t even the most significant loss. The hardest part was that I missed out on opportunities since I didn’t show up for auditions.

“Right now, I don’t have any money. In point of fact, I have no money. However, I’m going to start a new chapter in my life,” he stated.

In spite of the challenges he had throughout his time at the rehabilitation center, Innocent reported that he gained valuable knowledge.

“I acclimated to the new way of life, and now that I am clean, I am happy and at peace with myself.”

“When I first arrived to the recovery center, the most essential thing I did for myself was to make myself available for therapy. Look at me right now. I’m a different person now.”

Innocent claimed that in the past, if he was faced with difficulties, he would turn to using narcotics.

“I was under the impression that you could escape your issues. “I had no idea that you had to just look them in the eye,” he admitted.

He hoped that by sharing his experience, he could teach younger people not to rush into things.

“Drugs not only take your life, but they also rob you of your dignity. Drugs are satanic. They changed me into a zombie despite the fact that I had an emotional attachment to them. Because of them, I was forced to give up everything I owned,” he stated.

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Uncle Thami Madondo Innocent is a community activist and the founder of the Indoda Emadodeni Foundation. He assisted his nephew in fighting this battle all the way to its conclusion with his assistance.

“It was a challenging trip for Innocent, but it is wonderful that he was able to overcome the obstacles that he faced.

“Innocent is a man of good character. It makes me happy to know that he was able to overcome his concerns, and now the only thing left for him to do is to launch his new life,” he said.

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