How Emtee Reminded Haters That He Is Not Suffering Financially. When Emtee separated with Ambitiouz Entertainment, he lost his two cars and a house. The loss of his assets and not having a steady income led to assumptions that he was broke.

How Emtee Reminded Haters That He Is Not Suffering Financially

“They (Ambitiouz) didn’t repossess the house and cars. I don’t have it anymore. They helped me get it but it wasn’t part of the contract. It was simply that I had problems with the maintenance and it is a matter between myself and the agents.”

Emtee said he doesn’t have a stable home at the moment.

“I just kind of go where I can. My family isn’t with me, they are with Avery’s grandmother at the moment. I miss my kids but I try to be with them every day.”

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Emtee has said it himself many times that life hasn’t been kind to him, he even declared himself broke once. To prove that he anaged to pick himself up through music and his hustles, he shared that he is still living in the great rich parts of Gauteng. He added that his son still attends private schools too.

“Lol I still live in the North. My son still attends at a private school. Benithi kuyoba njan?”

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