TK Nciza EXPOSES Jub Jub’s popular #Uyajola9/9 show for being fake. Music producer TK Nciza believes Mzansi’s favorite show Uyajola 99 is fake. Ever since the show started airing, many have labelled it fake and violent as it hard at work fixing the country by exposing infidelity on several households.

TK Nciza EXPOSES Jub Jub’s popular #Uyajola9/9 show for being fake

The latest episode of the show left some avid viewers of it cringing and disgruntled, after the manner in which Jub Jub’s bodyguards manhandled Jahmah, a man who was busted cheating was scrutinized.TK Nciza EXPOSES Jub Jub.

Many slammed the bodyguards and questioned whether they are allowed to manhandle people in such a degrading manner. Responding to Jabu Mahlangu’s post on Instagram, who also questioned the manner they handled Jahman, TK said the show is fake.

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He further said they are acting and warned the bodyguards that if they can handle Jabu like that he can show them flames, TK wrote “This show is fake never.

Even the vulnerable have family that can protect them .It’s acting all of this. Generally we can’t allow such violent conduct it’s very wrong. Let them try it on you mfana wam I will show them.

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