“I had to forgive myself countless times for choosing a terrible husband, My marriage was ugly and terrible – Dineo Ranaka.

“I had to forgive myself countless times for choosing a terrible husband, My marriage was ugly and terrible – Dineo Ranaka

TV host and Kaya 959 presenter Dineo Ranaka has once again opened up about her marriage. She described the marriage as a terrible mistake. In a lengthy post, she said she blames no one but herself for choosing her husband.

Without mentioning the name of her ex-husband, she wrote: “I had to forgive myself countless times for choosing a terrible husband. It was me. I had to forgive because it was me that made that choice. I had to accept that it was all me. Mind you, terrible is an understatement.”

She alleged her ex was the most abusive man she had ever met.

“And his abusive nature was met with my retaliation, which was equally terrible. The marriage was ugly to the point where my spirit started to turn ugly,” she wrote.

She advised her followers who’re in the process of choosing a spouse to be careful.

“I pray you do better by praying over it and not trusting your own judgement. And if you are already in it with a terrible spouse, I pray you find the courage to get out!!! I was married to him for less than the duration of a full-term pregnancy but it was enough for me to receive the darkest revelation of my lifetime.Am I triggered by thoughts of him or the mention of his name? Oh no, not at all. Do I miss him? Who misses being beaten up and cheated on like their life has no value?!? Have I forgiven him, yes! But I hope he has forgiven himself. Moral of the story: we know no better than God. And it is true… some people will only switch up on you once you are married to them, and then that’s when you see gore vok mahn.”

Outspoken radio personality, Dineo Ranaka recently spilled the tea on why she has so many baby daddies.

Speaking during an interview on Podcast And Chill with MacG, which aired on YouTube on 31 March 2022, Mac G asked Dineo why she has 3 different baby daddies.

Responding to that question, she said,

“I have many baby daddies because number 1 am very f**ckin fertile,” she said as Mac G and Sol Phenduka laughed at her response.

Here’s the Video of Dineo explaining why she has a lot of baby daddies;


She said that she doesn’t believe in hoarding human beings. She said if one’s time has expired in her life she moves on to the next. Dineo added that she was not going to hold back her life just because her relationship with one man wasn’t working out.

“I don’t believe in hoarding human beings in my life. When your time has expired in my life on to the next…. But am not gonna slow down the plans I have for my life just because am working out with one guy. Guyz amadoda maningi (there are a lot men)


The charismatic radio personality went on to liken her having babies with different men to winning awards at different radio stations. She said her children are awards she got from her failed relationships and they make her life okay.


Dineo Ranaka has always prided herself in being a private person, but almost everything about her is on Social Media.

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Dineo has been married a couple of times and have dated many guys. She has finally revealed the reason behind her divorce. Which of them? We don’t know it.

According to the media personality, her marriage ended because her husband was toxic.

Sharing a word post on Instagram, she directly addressed the question of her broken marriage for the first time since it became public knowledge.

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