Moneoa’s Fans Plead With Promoters To Book Her. Following Afrobeat singer Moneoa Moshesh- Sowazi’s heartbreaking Instagram live where she detailed how her alleged swindler ex-boyfriend Phiwe Maphanga ruined her professional and personal life and allegedly abused her, fans have rallied behind her, hoping she will make a comeback following her stalled music career.

Moneoa's Fans Plead With Promoters To Book Her

The singer took a hiatus from the music scene several years ago, many thought she was tired of the music industry. Little did they know she was undergoing a lot of hardship at that time. Her fans are calling on promoters to book her so that she can entertain them again.

The singer poured her heart out in an Instagram live last night about how her ex-boyfriend who is married to ANC’s Tasneem Motara, walked into her life and scammed her.

The singer has been quiet about this but she has escalated her frustrations on social media. She said she was tired of being quiet because Maphanga was taking advantage of her silence.

Moneoa had threatened to expose Maphanga before breaking her silence. She confessed Maphanga knew how she likes to keep her private life out of the prying eye of the public, but she was tired of bottling her emotions. This has affected her career.

“It’s because of my patience and silence all these years, that he feels invincible and continues to inconvenience my life. He relies on my silence because he knows how sacred my privacy is to me. I’m going to try and explain this the most accurate way I can but please bear in mind that I’m summarizing something that has spanned over 5 years. It consists of many complexities. However, I know I’m not the only one he’s done this to. My objective here is to reach out to the public with the hope of help because everything else that I’ve tried has failed me, specifically the law. To top of all of the trauma Phiwe Maphanga has caused me, I can’t let him get away with this. I’m going live this afternoon,” she threatened.

She recounted how they met Maphanga, telling her he owned several hotels and properties.

“I met him through a mutual friend of ours. He’s my ex. We hit it off immediately. We dated for two years. At the beginning of our relationship, everything flowed well. We were a normal happy couple. He told me he was a property developer. He owns a couple of properties and hotels across Cape Town, Johannesburg, and the Eastern Cape. This is the first I dated who had money, I’ve never dated a guy who had money before. He never had a place of his own, and he told me he lived at the hotel where he worked. I wasn’t allowed to go there and see his apartment. So most of the time we spent time indoors at my apartment in Roodeport,” she said.

Monea says that Phiwe took her car for service in 2017 and she never gave it back. According to her, her BMW had a dent and the mirror was broken.

“He took my BMW and said he was going to fix it and I appreciate it. I had not seen my BMW since then. I am still paying for that BMQW today after 5 years,” she said.

She said they had an altercation while coming am from a party his friend hosted in Centurion. When they got home, they slept over it because they were highly intoxicated.

Maphanga threatened to beat her up after he refused to give her breakfast on New Year’s day.


“He said you are p*ssing me off and I will hit you. I said if you lay a hand on me you will sleep in a prison cell today. The next thing I remember I blacked out because he had punched me across the room.

She continued “At some point, he had his knees in my shoulders and his hand around my neck. I said to him you are killing me and he said I won’t but umm teaching you a lesson,” she explained.

The singer said Maphanga gifted her with a Range Rover because he felt guilty about his alleged domestic abuse. “After he had beaten me he felt guilty. The Range Rover was not a Valentine’s gift, it was bought in January a few days after he had beaten me up,” she said


The More Than You hitmaker said she lost over R500K in furniture and priceless goods after Maphanga failed to pay for storage of her belongings after she was kicked out of a two-bedroom apartment.


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She added that Maphanga was abusive and left her with debt over two cars,
a BMW and Range Rover. Additionally, she revealed Maphanga coerced her into joining his company, Dynasty, after he told her to leave her label Gallo.

“I cannot have access to my music, my album is not available on any major streaming platforms, and I cannot perform any song from my album Ziphinkomo. He made sure that he capitalized on the fact that I like my privacy, so he used that to his advantage. I lost my home appliances that were worth more than R500 000 because of his guy. He would block me or ignore my calls when I wanted him to pay for all these expenses.”

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