It ended in tears between actor Khaya Dladla & his fiancè. Relationships comes with happiness but also sadness when it reaches an end.

It ended in tears between actor Khaya Dladla & his fiancè

This year we have seen many celebrities breaking up and even ending their marriages. Others announced divorce and others announced an end of their engagement.

The latest celebrity who has ended his relationship is the House of Zwide actor as well as Gagasi FM presenter, Khaya Dladla.

According to reports, Dladla broke up with his boyfriend of years whom they got engaged in 2020.

Although it is not known what is the reason behind their break up but it is alleged that Mercutio Buthelezi has got back together with his boyfriend whom he dated before being with Khaya.

What makes it real that they have broken up is that Khaya has removed all his pictures with Mercutio on social media.
Even in events that they use to attend together, now Khaya is seen alone.

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This was noticed more in the event where Gagasi FM was announcing their line up last month, Khaya attended it alone.

Some sources revealed that Khaya had said he just need to take some time when he was asked about Mercutio.

When contacted for comment, Khaya did not quite answer direct.

We have also noticed in Instagram of Mercutio that pictures taken with Khaya have been removed.

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