You remember Makhosi Shelembe from Mnakwethu? Makhosi Shelembe is a woman from Kwa-Zulu Natal who came to the limelight in 2021 after appearing on the Showmax reality show- Mnakwethu.

You remember Makhosi Shelembe from Mnakwethu?

The popular reality show is hosted by renowned and wealthy polygamist- Musa Mseleku. It is a platform that men who want to become polygamists use to break the news that they are getting second wives to their first wives with the help of Musa Mseleku.

Makhosi Shelembe’s story was quite different from what viewers were used to. In the episode, a heavily pregnant and teary Makhosi narrated how her husband Bheki Langa together with her new wife had disrespected her.

In her own account, Makhosi Shelembe revealed that her husband had paid lobola for his second wife whom he had married only recently but had never bothered to pay her even after being together for years. She went on to also narrate how her new sister wife was disrespectful and rude to her.

While in the normal episodes of the show, Musa Mseleku always sides with the man and tries to make the woman see and understand the man’s point, Makhosi Shelembe and Langa’s case was different and Musa Mseleku both sympathized with Makhosi Shelembe and reprimanded Bheki Langa for mistreating his wife.

As fans of the show caught wind of the episode they also quickly picked sides and not many were on Bheki Langa’s side.Her sad story caught the attention of social media users, especially a group of women called The Ladies House on Facebook, who decided to join hands and help her to land back on her feet, become independent, and smile again.


The group threw two beautiful baby showers in Kwa-Zulu Natal Makhosi Shelembe and Musa Mseleku and one of his wives attended one of the baby showers.

Makhosi Shelembe’s husband

Makhosi Shelembe’s husband, (currently ex-husband) is a Kwa-Zulu Natal man called Bheki Langa.

Bheki Langa faced a public backlash after he went on Musa Mseleku’s show to seek help in introducing his second wife to his first wife but it emerged that he and his second wife had been mistreating his first wife who was also heavily pregnant.

According to Bheki Langa, he had never meant to disrespect his first wife. He claimed that he had gotten a second wife who was financially stable so that she could support both him and Makhosi Shelembe who were jobless at the time.

Following the couple’s drama on television, Makhosi Shelembe’s family came to their daughter’s defense and they renounced Bheki Langa as their son-in-law, saying that he had not paid lobola for her.

It is unclear whether Makhosi Shelembe has since returned to her matrimonial home which she had left following her appearance on Musa Mseleku’s show.

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Is Makhosi Shelembe still on Mnakwethu?

In January 2022, Makhosi Shelembe left the show citing prolonged conflicts with her husband. Her husband Langa, announced Makhosi Shelembe’s exit from the show but blamed it on her family, saying that they had advised her against appearing on the show and even blocking him from talking to her.

Makhosi delivered her baby boy in November 2021 and according to sources, she is raising her little one all by herself.

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