Kelly Khumalo blast her best friend Wanda Baloyi-“I don’t want to even see her”. Following Kelly Khumalo’s criticism of Wanda Baloyi as she discussed their falling out, the two have gained popularity.

Kelly Khumalo blast her best friend Wanda Baloyi-“I don’t want to even see her”

Since Mzansi learned of the fight between singer Kelly Khumalo and her best friend Wanda Baloyi, they have been in a constant stream of headlines.

It surprises me because the two have always had a purpose. When Khumalo called Wanda “selfish and self-centered,” she let the secret out.

The two went on a holiday to the Vaal in the most recent episode of Kelly Khumalo’s popular reality series, Life With Kelly, but the break turned out to be unpleasant.

Reports have it that Wanda was bitter and felt Kelly was not giving her the much-needed attention she needed since she has always been absent-minded. Little is known if the two had an altercation.

Rumour mill has it that Wanda wanted a catch-up since she was them to catch up because she was soon leaving for Mozambique, but Kelly was also going through the most.

In the midst of their verbal exchange, Wanda reacted angrily to Kelly for not paying complete attention to her.

Kelly reportedly believed Wanda treated her disrespectfully. She said that she was absent and too inebriated. Even yet, she expressed her gratitude to the wise waters because all hell would break out if she did not.

“I am mad and thank God that I had a bit of a drink because if I was sober I was going to just break that place into pieces and the people in it, I am not lying to you. When Wanda needs support from me she gets it. She sent me a message while I was doing my nails, and said she was emotional.

I did not bother to find out what was going on. I asked her where she was. Whenever she is tired and heartbroken I say let’s have dinner at my house. This is me doing this for her outside my own demons that I am fighting on a daily basis that nobody cares about.”

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Kelly said Wanda is disrespectful. She went on to reveal that her plan was to embarrass her and add woes to her.“I was exhausted and I just woke up in the morning and heard that Wanda was spilling wine inside the house. I am very mad and I don’t want to even see Wanda at this point.

She’s selfish and centred. Wanda can f*ck off. I never want to hear about her again. Even my clothes that I left in her house, I don’t want them she can burn them. I want nothing to do with her,” she said.

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